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Jaelyn Taylor | Portrait Session

Beauty begins the moment you decide to Be Yourself - Coco Chanel Location: San Diego, CA. Questions + Answers 1. What are your favorite...

Beauty begins the moment you decide to Be Yourself – Coco Chanel

Location: San Diego, CA.

Questions + Answers

1. What are your favorite lyrics from your favorite song? Honestly, this is a trick question for me. My favorite song changes every week, and my favorite lyrics vary based on what is most relevant to my current life situation.

2. What’s the most interesting thing about you we wouldn’t learn from your resume or social media? My personality doesn’t match my face. I’ve been told that I seem mean or bitchy just by looking at me. In reality, I’m just really shy in social settings and when I first meet people, so I’m pretty quiet and secluded. Once people get to know me, they realize I’m really just a sensitive, laid back weirdo at the end of the day.

3. If money and time were not a factor how would you seek to make a difference in your community? I would fund a housing and job placement program for the homeless population in San Diego County. I would want to fund a program that would provide housing and job training/placement for the homeless population to assist in getting them back on their feet.

4. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? In a relationship, you can’t depend on someone else to make you happy. You must make yourself happy and then come together as two happy people.

5. Name one issue that’s a challenge for most women and how do you suggest they work through it? One issue that I know a lot of women will struggle with at some point in their life is insecurities developed from the pressure of society to be “perfect.” I’ve met so many gorgeous girls who think they aren’t good enough because they don’t believe they’re beautiful; it makes me so sad because I see someone so beautiful. Working through insecurities and gaining confidence isn’t easy but it starts with accepting every little part of yourself day by day. Learning to love every little flaw and imperfection to see your own version of perfection in the mirror is beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to other women and trying to compete with them; it’s not a race.

6. What brings you happiness? The older I get I find happiness in the smallest things now. My joy comes from being with my family and very close friends. Seeing my niece and nephews growing up and being such an active part of their lives brings me the most happiness.

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