July 21, 2019 /

Marcellis + Jasmin | Couple Session | Georgetown

"Find someone who pays attention. Everyone deserves someone who sees and amplify the good in us." QUESTION: "What do you love most ...

“Find someone who pays attention. Everyone deserves someone who sees and amplify the good in us.”

QUESTION: “What do you love most about him/her”?

Jasmin: Hmmm I’m fighting between picking his confidence and how affectionate he is. Marcellis stands strong in everything he does. His work, his everyday life, as a man, a father and his style.. everything he does is with confidence. I was even shy to do “portrait meet” for a while but with him, I felt like, LET’S DO THIS!! His affection is amazing.. he makes me feel very secure and loved always. He’s always reaching for my hand to hold or kissing me on my forehead or in my hair. It’s not just the normal everyday “hey how you doing peck” from your partner. He does it to let me know he loves me, and thinking of me even if we’re sitting together lol.. it makes me feel so loved and appreciated like he really sees me as his queen just as I see him as my king.

Marcellis: That’s not an easy question, about a million different reasons just popped into my head lol… Jasmin has this ability to make people feel amazing about themselves. When it comes to me, I feel like a king, I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing in life when I’m with her and that feeling lasts even when she’s not around; which lets you know how powerful it is… I love watching her have that affect on other people as well. People are drawn to her, the way she interacts, connects, talks, and smiles; it just makes people feel good about themselves. Uplifting people is really important to me, so I love that it’s something that comes so natural to her. I feel like we can help the world together.

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