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Mariah | Motherhood

Running, Jumping, Dancing, Reading, Snacking and Relaxing was a fun day never to be forgotten.  During my recent lifestyle session with Mariah and her daughter they did what came natural, they had...

Running, Jumping, Dancing, Reading, Snacking and Relaxing was a fun day never to be forgotten.  During my recent lifestyle session with Mariah and her daughter they did what came natural, they had fun enjoying the simple things of life.  Oh and the little one is such a spunky, fun, confident, loving, bold, gentle spirit, it was a blessing to capture natural moments between the two of them, at times their subtle actions would make anyone tear up.  The music streamed the airways, the wind blew their hair and the sun set perfectly for them.  It was a beautiful session photographing these two angels.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

Questions & Answers:

1. Tell me about a favorite scene from your favorite movie? Oh man!! This is like asking someone his or her favorite kind of air to breathe. We love movies and music so much in our family, so to pick just one is pretty hard. I’m going to go with the most recent favorite scene, which is from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It’s towards the end of the movie and in these last few minutes, Yandu sacrifices his life for his “son” Peter Quill. Now see Yandu is not his biological father (who turned out to be bat-shit crazy), but he did raise him and was in every way his dad. That scene as a parent is just so real and true. Without even thinking, me as a mother would hands down sacrifice my own life to save my little one. I mean you are their protectors and they, no matter how old, will always be your babies. And if that wasn’t touching enough, that scene is followed by Yandu being given the traditional Ravagers funeral even though he was told that would never happen because of some poor decisions he made in the past, which led to his excommunication. The funeral mixed with the scoring definitely caused some moisture in the eye area.

2. What’s the most interesting thing about you we wouldn’t learn from your resume or social media? I am an amazing cook and kick-ass party planner. I absolutely love cooking, well baking a little more than cooking. I also love planning parties and events and I’m pretty damn good at it. I get stressed and overwhelmed and anxious quite easily so it doesn’t really mix well with party planning but I still love doing it. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own cupcake shop or tea shop filled with all sorts of yummy treats.

3. Share your favorite motherhood story ever. We only have one kiddo and she’s almost seven so there’s quite a few. We went to Hong Kong a couple of years back and every time we go on a family vacation, we try to alternate days of sightseeing adult stuff with fun kiddo stuff. This trip we didn’t tell Scarlett anything we were doing for her days so it would be a surprise (I LOVE SURPRISING HER!).
So her day comes and I have all of our Minnie and Mickey ears packed away secretly in my backpack and we walk to the train station like we’ve been doing for days. I honestly think she forgot it was her day. So we get to the main train station where we get on the actual DISNEY TRAIN. So she’s on the platform waiting for the train and it slowly comes around the corner and there are just Mickey Mouse windows all the way down the train. Her eyes immediately went from grapes to golf balls and just cheesing from ear to ear. The train stops and the doors open and we all run inside. This train is decked to the nine in Disney and you could not wipe the grin off of her face. I gave her her Minnie mouse ears and she was just ecstatic. That feeling I felt, that warmness and happiness in my heart is just a feeling I will never forget. That was definitely one of my favorite days EVER.

4. What has been the best advice you’ve received or shared with another about LIFE? I know it sounds really cheesy and cliché but don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the now and making memories with your loved ones because they won’t always be around. Take that vacation have that second cupcake, do you boo.

5. What was your dream job as a kid and why? It probably changed so much but one I can remember was a veterinarian. I was and still am such an animal lover. You can ask anyone that knows me, I have a gigantic heart and I have always loved helping. I’m one of those crazy people that walk into a pet store and end up crying.

6. What should every mother try at least once in their life? Motherhood is hard and anyone that tells you otherwise is a lie. Moms seem to get so wrapped up in life and mom duties and wife duties they start forgetting about “me” duties. These duties are just as important as the others. So if you haven’t yet, in my opinion, every mother should go on a trip just for you. A vacation where actually get to relax, remember who you are and just chill. Read that book you’ve put down 1000 times and keep having to start over. Whether it be with a couple of girlfriends or just by yourself, don’t forget to take care of you. Oh and wine if you haven’t tried that yet.


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